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Beltane: Musings on pleasure, courage and lighting

Lighting strikes. The wave of vibrations ripple through my toes fast approaching my pelvis with an uncontrollable urge for release. I have to cover my mouth with the pillow. The only thing I can tame. Light seeps through my nerves in an undulating rapture of pleasure seeking somewhere to manifest in pure ecstasy. Is that what we have been denying ourselves all this time? Women and men. Trying to control the shame, timidness, release. The liberation of being. Your true self, without judgement.

There was a moment where time never was. Just movement, sound, pulsations. Graciously caressing my entire body with excitement and brightness. The urge to roar was strong. I felt the pressure in my chest. Is this what we deny each other? The pulse in my veins remained ecstatic for a while after. Red flushed blood in my cheeks as proof of where the lighting landed. Ripping the center of my root system in two halves.

Fear and longing. Fear of being exposed as an imposter. Longing for another soul to share this burst of energy with. As if with pure synergy they melted together in courage. I will nourish myself in this music a little while longer. I don’t want to lose the rhythm. Will you listen to my music? I promise I will listen to yours.

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