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Kintsugi: Golden Resilience

It’s challenging. Absorbing people’s expectations and needs. Allowing them to be filtered through the golden scars of my being. But if my scars have healed, how do I allow the energy (positive or negative) boiling up to release? Does that mean I have to re open the wounds again? Fuck no. I don’t want to be stuck on a giant boulder with Prometheus. Having my (metaphorical) soul liver eaten by an eagle. Day after day! My guess is that developing herculean like resilience is the best answer.

Right. You are asking yourself the same question I am. How? By giving myself the task of trying to reignite the unconditional love I have for myself. Accede to an overflowing, rising vibrancy. Creating a ripple of music in increasing tempo. Therefore morphing the inertia sedulously. A sweet unchained melody. Not silenced by old egoic patterns. Fearful of the potential of change and acceptance. Whose tendency it is to gash open the healed parts. Turning the gold back to rock. Though not easy. When I truly listen to my deep knowing. I can sing. Not bleed. Golden tiers replace past wounds, fears, doubts, pain. Leaving behind a sealed shimmering reminder of a past that helps illuminate my present actions.

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