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Hatha Yoga for all genders and levels 50 pln per class. Or monthly for 190 pln.


Coming Soon! 

Yoga in  English/Spanish

Classes at  Świetlica Collective

8 Jaśkowa Dolina Gdańsk, pomorskie,

12-200, Poland

*skm stop: Gdańsk Wrzeszcz

Yoga (Story) Flow Workshops 
August 15th and 22nd , Sopot, Poland 

Yoga (story)Flow (1).png

The world seems to be re-opening. Perhaps forcing us back to the same old sprint.

I SAY NO TO THAT! How do you want to move forward?

What story/ies would you like to keep or re-write.

What you'll learn: Writing as a tool for self improvement and manifestation.

Breathing and body work to release and re-direct energy towards wellbeing. 

Who's this for: Open to those who are ready to create a better way of living. Communicating and 

accepting their vulnerability with compassion and ease. 

Open to all genders, fluent + intermediate English speakers, yoga for all levels. 

9am-11am Breakfast, meet and share. Get to know your new play dates. 

11:30am-2pm Writing session: guided with writing prompts.


2pm-4pm Share and care : you are welcome to share what you like.

We will take time to listen to each other's stories.

Respect each other's vulnerability and honor your courage. 

4pm-5pm Hatha yoga session. Embody your story.

Feel it, breathe it in. Let go of the story you no longer need. 

5pm-7pm: "Stay if you'd like" vegetarian dinner.

A relaxing way to build connection, community and a new support system :).




375 PLN per person

Included in price: full retreat + all food and drink

Please bring with you: your yoga mat and writing tools 

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