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Avellanas: Moon Magic

The new moon in August happened last week. The sky goes dark, in preparation for the next lunar cycle. I have always been fascinated by the moon. When I was very little, we lived in a very tall apartment building on the 18th floor. On the days there was a full moon, it lit up the sky in such a way it seemed like you could just stretch out my arms and touch it. Using my brother’s telescope made it so real that If I close my eyes today, the image of my favorite crater easily comes to mind. Mare Serenitas. The Sea of Serenity.

New moons bring a sense of renewal, change, beginnings, transformation. Since I began my travels, whenever there is a new moon I try my best to take a moment. Think about where I am, where I’ve been. And where I want to go. It’s been a transformative journey. Learning things about myself I would have never had the chance to explore had I stayed in California, 10 months ago.

The adventure has guided me to Costa Rica. Where I will spend one more month before embarking on a new chapter across the ocean to Europe. I have been staying at a surf camp on the pacific coast, in Avellanas beach. As part of my new moon intention, I decided to try and get over my fear of big ocean waves (at least big for me, others would argue differently 😆). And learn how to surf. I have tried before with a couple of “almost pop ups” but haven’t had a chance to experience a wave while standing on a board. Gliding with the ocean to the shore. Today was a different story! I set a goal. I was going to pop up, and stand on the board at least two times. If the waves got big I would just stay calm and trust I could do this. Have fun. Breathe, look at the wave and say: “I am Moana of Motunui. I will board this soft top and ride the wave to shore. Restore the heart of Tafiti, and get over my fear”. Ok, Moana is one of my favorite movies. (Don’t judge.)

Yes, it was difficult. The waves were breaking hard. Even the instructor said, if you can get up in these conditions. You can do it anywhere. We got in the water. He said jump on, there’s one coming. I got ready. For one minute, everything went silent. He pushed me. I followed his instructions and popped up on the board. All of a sudden, I was standing. What?! On the first try? I couldn’t believe it. The feeling is hard to describe as I am thinking back on it. My mind went silent. The sound of the wave under me was the only background noise I heard. The happiness of accomplishment and peace I felt just for that short moment. Is something I’d like to experience again everyday. I was surfing. Drifting, on the Sea of Serenity.

I may not remember directions. Or the names of some of the cities I’ve visited. But I will always remember the time and place where I was able to stand up on a surfboard for the first time. Allowing myself to be guided by something bigger than me. Enjoying the ocean for what it is. A wise body of water that partners with the gravity of the moon. Teaching us to overcome. Challenging you to the brink of giving up. Later, allowing you to come up for a fresh breath of air. To discover how truly happy life can be.

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