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Taking the leap

Have you heard the expression “floor is lava, FLOOR.IS.LAVA!” before? Kids use it when they are deep into their imaginary games often using this phrase to jump from one place to another or step fast and light through a field. Never did I think that at some points in my life the whole floor would become lava (figuratively speaking) and I would have to jump, take a leap of faith and believe that the flow would take me where I needed to go. More often than not these leaps made me scared, sad, confused, happy and everything in between. But through them I found many lessons, adventures, heart breaking and expanding experiences that led me to places I never thought I would see, feel, taste and hear.

I hope that through the experiences written on this blog you might be able to find some comfort. Knowing, that even if sometimes the floor may become lava or feel like it’s been removed from under you, it will be ok. Together we can create a sense of belonging. Belonging to a community that cheer each other on as we look down into the fiery stream below. Leaping and slowly letting ourselves go with the flow and trust we will end up someplace magical.

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